Downhill Tetris

A viral promotion for Freebord, a new kind of skateboard that is as close to snowboarding as you will get on concrete.
Scotty D.

Kristian Hammerstad

Oslo based illustrator Kristian Hammerstad is getting a bit of attention recently. Check out more of his Pulp/rock drawing and typography here.
Scotty D.


The latest from Joe and Anthony Russo (Directors of Arrested development). Enough said.
Scotty D.

In Bb 2.0

A musical collaboration using youtube video’s as it’s platform, you can play the video’s simultaneously or in any order to compose your own soundtrack. Great stuff! To try it out go here.
Word D.

New Canon 7D

Check out this short "Dublin's People" shot by Filmmaker Philip Bloom on the new Canon 7D DSLR.
James K

George Rousse

Amazing installation photography by George Rousse. I wish I had the time and 200 volunteers to help me out. To see more of his work, visit him here.
Word D.