Remix selectah!

Cold War Kids have an interactive video, explore, re-create and enjoy..
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.. and the 'real' video..

CWK - I've seen enough from Ivan Stojanovic on Vimeo.

Toys, toys, toys, toys..

Brian McCarty who has a very different way of shooting toys.. pretty awesome!
and his website
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Benedict Radcliffe is Rad

Check out "Lambo! 2", a recent work by UK artist Benedict Radcliffe. His 1:1 scale wireframes are amazing. An artist to keep an eye on for sure. Check all his work out here
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Sorry I'm late

A bit of this technique around at the moment, I love it. This is a particularly well executed little short.
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David Lynch’s Interview Project

David Lynch went on a 20,000 mile road trip throughout the United States and did a bunch of interviews with random strangers. Kinda like This American Life. The whole thing launches on June 1st, check out more here.
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Improv everywhere

The guys that did human mirror and the big freeze have a new book out. Check it here. Check out their other stunts here

William Tom

Tom nails a "William Tell" on the monkeys dart board.
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Laneway Gallery in Newtown just off Australia Street

Monster Children Gallery and Asahi present ROKU

ROKU features a hand picked group of artists from Australia, Canada, Germany and the US - Alex Kopps, Andrew Pommier, Stefan Marx, Jonathan Zawada, Luca Ionescu and Beci Orpin.
Each artist will show four original works inspired by Japanese culture, one of which has been applied to an outstanding, limited edition series of 6 collectable Asahi frosted glasses.
Check it before they wreck it
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Reggie Watts rules

Popcast from Reggie Watts on Vimeo.

One man and a digital sampler....inspired
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Warhol does Debbie

Andy Warhols first digital portrait of Debbie Harry on an Amiga.
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The (other) Britain

A brilliant website to promote Britain abroad and drive floods of tourists to the island.

Two of my very good buds made this ad just recently in London...and I am a tad proud of ‘em