How to make an entrance


Mad Men yourself

Get your bourbon and cigarettes ready, the new season of MAD MEN is starting next month. To get you in the mood AMC have created a Mad Men yourself app. Not a new idea but kinda fun if you are a fan of the show.
Scotty D.

Jeff Scher animations

Two beautiful animations by New Yorker Jeff Scher. The first from 2009 and the second from 1992. An amazing mix of illustraion, watercolour and collage makes for some of the most interesting animation I have seen in ages.
Scotty D.

iQ Agility Font

Conceptual typography at it's finest. The Belgian advertising agency Happiness Brussels asked pleaseletmedesign to create a typeface with a Toyota iQ. They collaborated with Stef van Campenhoudt, a pro race pilot, who had to drive all the characters with an actual iQ. Custom software tracked the movements of the car and translated them into single characters. You can download the font for free here.
Scotty D.

New York Subway: Augmented Reality iPhone App

Acrossair are launching what might be the first Augmented Reality iPhone App. Called Nearest Tube, the iPhone app for 3GS uses the inbuilt GPS + Compass to bring an augmented reality experience to your iPhone to help you find the closest subway station entrance! It works when held flat by showing you lines and directions to the nearest station or hold up at chest height and watch it put live markers in-front of you to follow! Very cool.


One for the Fangbangers

If you haven't seen this title sequence for the HBO series 'True Blood', it is nothing short of visually arresting. Found a nice article here that explains how it was created. An amazing process right down to creating custom fonts in different weights especially for the sequence. Not surprising to find out that it's Digital Kitchen that created these, the same studio responsible for the awesome 'Dexter' title sequence plus many others.
Scotty D.

The anti-pop

Scotty D.

TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball

Put your thick rimmed glasses and pocket protector on for this one...
The story of the rise and fall of Williams, the worlds biggest pinball manufacturer. This documentary chronicles Pinball's entry and exit from the marketplace, perhaps forever.
Scotty D.

No time like...

The latest offering from artist and surf filmaker Thomas Campbell. 'The Present' continues to express his support for the growing “ride anything” movement in surf culture. If you loved 'Seed' and 'Sprout' check this out.
Scotty D.