If this doesn't make your friday awesome, nothing will.

Not to Scale

Not to Scale are a London based collective of animators and illustrators. Their recent work includes a feature length film - 'A Town Called Panic'. Trippy stuff.

Daft Punk Tron:Legacy

The latest trailer for Tron:Legacy is also a music vid for Daft Punks track 'Derezzed'.

Sean Pecknold interview

If you have seen our last two BBC knowledge spots you have had the pleasure of viewing the work of Sean Pecknold from Grandchildren. Check out this feature Motionographer have just done on the latest spot including a nice little interview on the making of.

Clock DJ

Rrrewind! Selecta.

Doco: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff

From 'The Red Shoes' to 'Rambo', Jack Cardiff was behind the camera capturing some of modern cinemas most iconic scenes.


Human pixel video for Canadian band Hollerados song Americanarama.

Banksy's Simpsons opening

Just when we thought we were all Banksyed out, this kinda cool piece comes along.
Thanks JDP


Cool looking new doco soon to be released.

Thunder Busters

Like it was always meant to be...
via BBoyBri

Paper Wars

Eric Power’s awesome paper-craft video for Jeremy Messersmith's song “Tatooine” speeds through the first Star Wars trilogy.