Bicycle wheel animation

British graphic designer Katy Beveridge has created these cute bicycle wheel animations using paper cuts. These create a zoetrope, which interestingly can only be seen once captured on film and not by the naked eye.

Fryday Chune

This Friday drinks musical accompaniment come to us courtesy of DJ Mitch O'Donohue. In his own words - "A discoish edit of the soul classic from Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, with Teddy Pendergrass on lead vocal. An absolute classic touched with with modern production giggery pokery from some legends who call themselves Psychemagic. Warm buttery goodness in an MP3 to help glide into Friday night." Nice!

Total Re-tell

Governor Arnold totally recalls, Total Recall for the DVD commentary.


Hot off the presses is a new kids book by Monkey's writer and ping pong pro, Benn Sutton. Illustrated by Dan Pinto, Hedgehug is the story of a lonely Hedgehog searching for someone to accept his heart. Find out more and get your copy here.

Happy Friday with the Happy Mondays

It's Friday drinks time and we are so psyched for next week we are getting our Bez on to a bit of Kinky Afro by the Happy Mondays.

Christopher Doyle exhibition

Friend of the monkeys, Christopher Doyle, is having an exhibition of photography with Pierre Toussaint and Robbie Powell on Dec 8.
Becky says "do come along, it will be very nice".

Apple '86

Proof that among other amazing achievements, Steve Jobs also invented the hipster.

Flights of genius

Ogilvy & Mather New York commissioned artist Stephen Powers, to reinterpret quotes from agency founder David Ogilvy as murals in the stairwell of the agency's headquarters.

Bill Cunningham New York

An inspiring doco about the life times of NY fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. On the big screen around Sydney now.

Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke "Shipwreck"

A sweet new video for Modeselektor's 'Shipwreck' explores the world between 'The Walking Dead' and 'The Road'.
Thanks Anthony C.

Trent Mitchell - Chasing the Curve

Trent Mitchell is a surf photographer, artist, mad bodyboarder and all round good bloke. We have been waiting for this book for a while and the first look doesn't disappoint. Check out more and grab yourself a copy here.

Riddle me Batman

Batman has trouble with riddles...


From now until December 11, an awesome t-shirt exhibition entitled 'NEXT' will be on display as part of the Outpost project on Cockatoo island in Sydney. Featuring the likes of Ben Frost, Jim Parry, Alife and many local and international stars of the squeegee. Check it before they wreck it.

Skull Nickels

 These 'skull nickels' are created by carving an existing 'hobo nickels' into a new design. Pretty cool. There's even a whole society devoted to hobo nickel carving. Of course there is.

Happy Friday tunes

For this weeks Friday tune, Naomi is feeling the warm stadium rock vibes of the Stones performing 'Miss you' in Tokyo '95.

Fighting Fear

A few of us checked out the premiere of 'Fighting Fear' last night. This is Macario de Souza's second feature doco and it's a credit to Macca and all the producers. If you like big waves and big hits, go check it on the big screen November 10th.

Parrots the Universe and Everything

The late Douglas Adams talk, ‘Parrots the Universe and Everything’, just may shift your horizon.

Little people

Who needs tilt shift film when you can shoot models this beautifully? Element X Creative have created this endearing piece for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers southwest show in the US, whatever that is.

 Uniqlo commissioned Charles Williams to do a series of portraits for their 2011 brand book. The portraits depict 5 Japanese craftsmen that work for Uniqlo. Check out more of his work here.