Fight for your right - revisited

While most of the world have been anticipating the royal wedding we have been anticipating the release of the Beastie Boys new short film "Fight for your right - revisited".


Circo follows the amazing story of the Ponce family as it struggles to keep it's families 100 year old Mexican Circus alive.

Will hunts Conan

Will Ferrell is going on the Conan O'Brien show and he is taking Conan's his beard, whether Conan likes it or not.


Chad Goldwasser wants you to have an awesome day.

Nine types of light

Brooklyn band 'TV on the Radio' have released their latest album 'Nine types of light' as a 1 hour movie. Online, free and awesome. The video is made up out of clips by various filmmakers and features every song of the album as a soundtrack.

More Angry Boys

More teasers from the upcoming 'Angry Boys' by Chris Lilley.

The Bill Hicks Story

We can't wait to see this new doco about the career of stand up comedian and political satirist, Bill Hicks.

Space Photography

Incredible space imagery usually comes from NASA, not a guy who builds a weather balloon himself and lets it go in a car park. His name’s Colin Rich, he lives in California and we like him.

Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan

It's Friday so let's see what Rebecca Black's 'Friday' would sound like if it was performed by Bob Dylan.

Fight For Your Right

Trailer for the Beasite Boys "Fight For Your Right-Revisited" which will be released as a 30 minute short along with their eigth album "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two".

Movie Barcodes

Movies become modern art in these barcodes made by compressing every frame of a film into thin slivers. From top to bottom it's 2001 A Space Odyssey, Fargo and Black Swan. Check out more here.

GOAB TV concept

How we watch TV is definitely changing. Here's a nice insight into how it could evolve in the not too distant future.

Tigers on Surfboards

 Tigers on Surfboards is one of those photoblog ideas you wish you thought of. From the good people that brought you True American Dog.
Thanks Jay G.

Talking Funny

Four of our favourite comedians all in one room? Bring it on! Premieres April 22nd on HBO.

Will Sweeney's latest clip for Das Pop's new tune 'The Game'.

Happy friday

What better way to celebrate Friday than 10 minutes of Will Ferrel bloopers? The guy is too funny for himself.