The Ship Song

We’re proud to launch our first project for Sydney Opera House. It’s a love song to The House using Nick Cave’s legendary track and has been a true labor of love for everyone involved. The full project can be seen here. You can also download the song on iTunes. Enjoy!

The Windies

There is no denying the West Indies cricket team in the 80's was the coolest ever.

Death wobbles

There is possibly nothing funnier than a Portuguese hipster getting the death wobbles on a skateboard.

The Beautiful Robots

The EOL Robot Band covers Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People,". Great sound but they need to work on their stage presence.

Beastie Toy Boys

Spike Jonze and the Beasties together again for their latest robot chickenesque video.

Leisure Diving

Leisure diving is the new planking. Rules are simple. Each diver is encouraged to express his or her own leisure persona through their own unique leisure pose whilst diving into water.

Killer Clones

Fredde Gedde clones himself to perform Queen's 'Killer Queen'.

Enter Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey shows Metallica how it's done.

My Drunk Kitchen

We thought Vegan Black Metal Chef was awesome but a girl getting drunk whilst trying to cook is awesomer.

That song smells great

Terry Timely's new short, Synesthesia, explores what it would be like to “see” a sound or “hear” smell. Many creative people have synesthesia and use it to their advantage, including Eddie Van Halen and Pharrell Williams.

SK8 to Create

Skateboard + Spraycan X Pool = Rad. Cool art installation made by strapping spray cans to skateboards. The results are surprisingly tidy.

Before I die I want to...

A simple and thought provoking piece of public art in New Orleans that invites people to share the one thing that really matters to them. Artist and urban planner, Candy Chang, came up with the idea as a way of learning the needs of the community as the city is reconstructed.
Thanks Thea C.