Friday Tunes

We are setting the desk chairs to recline and enjoying a week of wins with these feel good sea shanties.
Thanks DJ Tony Dancer

RIP Michael Peterson

We are sad to hear of the passing of Australian surfing legend Michael Peterson, here's a tribute.

Wrecking Crew Orchestra

An amazing new routine from Japanese dance crew Wrecking Crew Orchestra.
Thanks Jed

Friday Tunes

This weeks Friday tunes have been hand selected by one of our resident DJs, Tony Dancer.
Something new, something old, something true. Happy Friday.

The Wampug Strikes Back

A cute re-enactment of the Wampa scenes in The Empire Strikes back featuring Chubbs the Wampug.

Callum Cooper

Callum Cooper is a London/Melbourne-based artist and filmmaker who creates bizarre sculptures with embedded cameras to capture video from interesting angles. Don't watch this if you had a big night last night.

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium

Nice mini doco about the rise, fall and resurgence of the humble animated GIF file. Kinda like watching an ep of Portlandia but replace the jokes with people talking earnestly about GIFs.

Friday Tunes

To celebrate all the good music that is reverberating around Sydney right now, this Friday Tunes has classics from the acts we are getting out and seeing this weekend.
Cheers DJ Tom H. & Naomi I.

"Fresh Guacamole" by PES

One of our favourites PES serves up some fresh animation for Showtime.
Thanks Mr. Bullock


A beautiful short film entitled 'Solipsist' by music video director Andrew Huang.


Possibly the cleverest combination of iPad and iPhone to date.

Game of Simpsons

Simpsons opening titles Game of Thrones style.
Thanks Jasun V.

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Here's the story behind the Keep Calm posters that have spawned a raft of parodies and have become an icon of the 21st century.

The Humans are Dead

Robot quadro-copters playing the James Bond theme. This is the day Kraftwerk saw coming.

Gotye - Easy Way Out

Nice stop frame clip by Oh Yeah Wow for Gotye's new track Easy way out.

Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy

New Gorillaz clip featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000 for Converse. Thanks Anthony C.