What art is...

Prepare to be schooled as Robert Hughes tells you what art is...and what it isn't.

The Star Wars That I Used To Know

The internet called and promised this would be the last Gotye parody. One for the fan boys.

The Power of Editing

Amazing what a little music and editing can do. Mrs. Doubtfire re-cut as a suspense/horror trailer.

Music video: Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

 The first video from Twin Shadow’s new album “Confess”, is based on the novel “Night of the Silver Sun” written by George Lewis Jr and Eric Green. Directed by Keith Musil.
Thanks Anthony C.

Lead Breakfast - Pulp Fiction re-mix

Youtube is littered with video song remixes, some are ok, but they are rarely this catchy and well produced.

Yo Yo Kaleidoscope

Brazilian artist Douglas Kozham walks the dog with a bit of help from motion tracking and stablisation software.

Bon Joviver

Ever wonder what you would get if you mixed Bon Iver with Bon Jovi?
Thanks James H.

Harmony Korine VS. The Black Keys

Two of our favourites together at last. Harmony Korines new clip for The Black Keys 'Gold on the Ceiling'.