Dark Blood: River Pheonix's Last Film

Almost 18 years ago, production of the film 'Dark Blood' ended with only 10 days to go due to the sudden and unfortunate death of uprising Hollywood star River Phoenix. The insurance company wanted to have the film stock destroyed but the director, George Sluizer, personally retrieved the footage. Sluizer has now started a Cinecrowd project to get the film finished.

Yum Yum

Some really nice character animation by Yum Yum London. They have some nice James Jarvis style vinyl toys on their site too.

Eric Kelly: Boxing Trainer

Wall street weaklings pay this man to basically tell them they are terrible boxers. Directed by Animal in NY.
Thanks Anthony C.

Slinky on a Treadmill

3 minutes 20 of nail biting slinky action. Way more engaging than you would imagine.

Making The Eagleman Stag

A few weeks ago I put up the BAFTA award winning animation, The Eagleman Stag. In this entertaining behind the scenes film, Mikey Please shows how it all came about and how it was all done as well as taking us through the philosophies behind the film.

Ken Burns: On Story (Telling)

Documentary legend Ken Burns shares his wisdom on the craft of story telling.

A brief history of John Baldessari

A great little piece of film narrated by Tom Waits that takes us through a brief history of American conceptual artist, John Baldessari.
Check out more of John Baldessari's work here.
Thanks Anthony C.

Skating shadows

This mesmerising video by Joe Pease feels like a dream sequence in a film, especially with the music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Kids say (and do) the darndest things

Here's a few vids that have been doing the rounds this week proving that kids are properly awesome. A great kids review of Skrillex, a remake of the Beasties 'Sabotage' video as a MCA tribute and a kid that wakes up to Nirvana.

You're vs Your by Mac Lethal

One for all the copywriters in da house. If you don't know the diff between 'your' and 'you're', please watch this and help bring an end to this horrifying ignorance.
Thanks Jed D.P.

Camille and Kennerly the Harp Twins

Camille and Kennerly are the best thing to happen to the Harp since, well...ever.
Thanks Tim B.

The Petebox - Panther Dance

The Petebox, one of the world's most talented beatboxers, layers up his amazing vocal sounds to create a piece that would put a lot of full bands to shame.
Thanks Jed

Nike X Tom Sachs

A couple of pieces of film just released for the upcoming Nike Craft campaign produced by Tom Sachs. A nice conceptual piece called 'Space Camp' and a beautifully passionate exploration of mans relationship with materials, 'A Love Letter to Plywood'. Check out the Nike Craft site here.

The Eagleman Stag

Mikey Please’s amazing paper-craft short film about a man obsessed with time, The Eagleman Stag, makes its online debut.

Tenacious D rise again

Tenacious D burn their past woes and rise from the ashes in their latest video for 'Rize of the Fenix' (sic).

Fan Art

A PBS offbook peek into the world of fan art and fiction. Taking pop culture stories and icons, the fan community extends those characters into new adventures and some amazing new art.

Tattoo Poster

Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio inked all the major events of 2011 on real calf skin to create one big tattooed poster.

Signature Spike Lee

A beautiful video montage of Spike Lee's signature dolly shots.