The Aikiu ♡ Pieces Of Gold

Kinda the same idea as the Diesel XXX viral from a couple of years back. Still pretty funny though.

Side by Side : The future of film

A digital revolution has taken over the film industry. Keanu Reeves talks with directors, cinematographers, producers, and editors to explore the past, present, and future of filmmaking.

Lucas Foglia

Photographer Lucas Foglia's series Frontcountry documents small towns on the border of the wilderness in rural American West.  Also be sure to check out his other series A Natural Order.

Wayne White : Beauty Is Embarrassing

Amazing looking doco about Wayne White who is an artist whose work you have probably seen before although you might not know who he is. Most famously he designed sets for Pee-Wee's Playhouse, did Smashing Pumpkins videos, is a sculpture and a painter. Check out his body of work here.

Bill Cunningham New York

The whole agency is off to see this awesome doco this afternoon. Can't wait!

Die Antwoord loves Roger Ballen

A little look into the world of photographer Roger Ballen, the main inspiration for South African Rap Rave group Die Antwoord's aesthetic. 

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

Over a decade in the making, the trailer for the new documentary on photographer Gregory Crewdson, by Ben Shapiro. More info and screenings times at the website.

Jack White on Inspiration

Jack White talking about creativity and the struggle he likes to create for himself.
Thanks Benn S.

Yann Gross

A couple images from a photo series by Yann Gross on East Africa's first skate park, in Uganda.  More from the series and other great work can be viewed at his website.

Garth Jennings does Guitar Wolf

You couldn't get much edgier than a music video for Japanese Punk outfit 'Guitar Wolf' being directed by Garth Jennings and starring comedian Adam Buxton. Oh and lots of explosions.


At only 16 years old, Marcel Everett is already being compared to the likes of James Blake and underground hip hop producer J Dilla. He makes beats in his bedroom under the guise of XXYYXX, and the geek beat kids are lapping it up.

Check out this hypnotic video of his track 'About You'.

Viktor Gårdsäter

Some images from Swedish photographer Viktor Gårdsäter, more work at his website.

A Converstaion With My 12 Year Old Sith

I guess we all knew the 12yo self video would get parodied beyond reason. This one is actually pretty funny and they even got the guy from the original video to play a role.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Part 2

A longer look at the new show by our favourite sport jacket and sneaker wearing comedy king. Looks funny, some nice rides too.

The Art of Logo Design

The latest in the PBS Off Book series, 'The Art of Logo Design' explores the origins and importance of logos.

Le Miroir

Le Miroir from ramonandpedro on Vimeo.

This really cool short film from Ramon & Pedro tells the story of a man, from childhood to old age, through the view of his bathroom mirror.

Zac Brown Band The Wind

New video for the Zac Brown band directed by none other than Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, Idiocracy) and produced by Titmouse (Metalocalypse, Motorcity) all with just the right amount of Yeeee Hawwww.
Thanks Jed D.P.

A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

20 years ago this guy had the foresight to film himself, aged 12, asking his future self a bunch of questions. This is the result. If this is real it's pretty cool.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians, cars and coffee. Three of our favourtie things, pretty much in that order.