Carl Kleiner : Studio Lollipops

If you've never heard of Carl Kleiner, you love him, you just don't know it yet. These are from his latest series 'Studio Lollipops'.
Check out more over at It's Nice That blog.

David Fincher Titles

Check out this great David Fincher interview over at art of the title. They put this video of some of his movies title sequences together to accompany it.

Old Spice Muscle Music

Old Spice brings it again with Terry Crews flexing his muscles to activate musical instruments. Go watch it on vimeo and at the end of the clip you can play Terry and record your own tune. (takes a while to load up but its worth it)

The Real Dude

Meet the dude behind the Coen brothers character 'The Dude'. Directed by 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston' director, Jeff Feuerzeig.

Fake It Till You Make It

Brett Cohen decided he wanted to know what it was like to be famous. So he just pretended to be.

Insane in the Chromatophores

At last the age old question 'what does a squids chromatophores look like at 8X magnification when exposed to the vibrations of Cypress Hill's Insane in the membrane' is answered. For a proper explanation check this out.

The Poster Art of Paul McNeil

Mambo artist, owner of Art Park and all round legend Paul McNeil recently had a retrospective show of his band posters. This is a nice vid with Paul talking about his work. A must watch for anyone who was into the aussie band scene in the 90's.

Gotye - Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

They say mimicry is the highest form of flattery. Gotye was so flattered he cut together this awesome YouTube orchestra of his massive hit song 'Somebody That I Used To Know'.

Francesco Millefiori

Beautiful and bizarre landscapes of Sicily, called L'Isola, from photographer Francesco Millefiori.  More work here.

Claire Beckett

Claire Beckett's series In Training shows the transformation from civilian, sometimes as young as 17, to soldier.  The full series is on her website, and be sure to check out her other series, Simulating Iraq.

The Art of Glitch

The latest in the PBS 'Off Book' series looks at artists who actually want their images, video and sound to fail. This glitch art is an interesting exploration into our technology and actually adds a more organic element to what is usually 0's and 1's.

Hell Broke Luce

Director Matt Mahurin creates an apocalyptic war dream for Tom Waits' tune "Hell Broke Luce".  Awesome.


Nowhereisland is an artwork by Alex Hartley. Basically it is a movable island with citizenship open to all. It has caught the imagination of thousands of people across the world. Almost 16,000 people from nearly 100 countries have already signed up to be citizens, contributing to the online constitution and responding to the year-long Resident Thinkers programme.

Matthieu Gafsou

Images from Israel, Palestine and Jordan taken by photographer Matthieu Gafsou in his series Terres Compromises.  More of the series available on his website, and an (English) interview can be downloaded here to find out more about the work.

EAMES : The Architect & The Painter

I have seen a handful of docos and TV specials on Charles and Ray Eames so when I saw there was another one I was skeptical. This does look really inspiring though.
Thanks Becky F.

Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse's book Infra documents the conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Kodak Aerochrome, a discontinued, infrared, aerial surveillance film.  More work is available at his website, or you can buy the book here.


Nice video for Korean hip hop star PSY's new track 'Gangnam Style'. Composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. It's like Bollywood and Michael Jackson had a Hip Hop baby in Harajuku.


Expanding on the themes director Ron Fricke developed in BARAKA (1992) and CHRONOS (1985), SAMSARA explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous. Shot entirely on 70mm film I will be scrambling to find a cinema playing it as intended or at least in 4k digital.
Thanks Stew A.


Indie chicks and progressive metal actually go quite well together. Who woulda thunk it. 
Check out the cool interactive clip from Feistodon, the aptly named collaboration between Feist and Mastodon. Depending on how you're feeling this afternoon, you can crank up the distortion, or get a little mellow with some violin. I'm leaving it somewhere in the middle.

Filippo Minelli

Ongoing project from photographer Filippo Minelli called Silence/Shapes, more work can be viewed here.