Merry Slayer Xmas

On this fine xmas eve we would like to thank everyone who has followed the barrel throughout 2013 and look forward to sharing more cool stuff in 2014. Until then here's xmas lights set to Slayer. Happy Holidays.

Traffic reorganised

A video of cars passing by reorganised by colour, no CGI. Filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker's explains this and other video works he has done.

The Wikidrummer

French drummer Julien Audigiers reverb experiment in different landscapes. No effects or additional reverb added, just a kick, hat, carpet, and snare.

Korean artist JeeYoung Lee's dreamscapes

Inspired by her personal life or old Korean fables, JeeYoung Lee creates elaborate dreamscapes in her tiny Seoul studio, creating even the most minute details by hand. See more here.

The Colby Poster Printing Company

Until its doors closed on December 31, 2012, the family-run Colby Poster Printing Company made the letter-pressed signs, posters, billboards and showcards that were a ubiquitous feature of the visual landscape of Los Angeles. This is their story. Thanks Dave L.

Daft Punk - Behind the Helmets

A short doco on the origins of Daft Punk's iconic helmets.

Brushy One String

A Friday reminder to make the best of what you have courtesy of Brushy One String the world's foremost one string guitarist.

Rick and Morty

An interesting new animated series from Adult Swim written by Dan Harmnon of 'Community' fame and Justin Roiland who has been in everything from 'Adventure Time' to 'Yacht Rock' and 'The Sarah Silverman Show'. Justin was also the creator of one of my all time favourite lo-fi web cartoons 'The House of Cosby's'.

Stephen Maurice Graham's Creative Demons

Stephen is part of the Puck Collective of illustrators from the UK.
Check out his work here.