Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

Really nice video for Tame Impala's new tune 'Mind Mischief'. Their brand of psychedelia beautifully told through the fantasies of a school boy.

Newspaper for Kids

Neat AR app that enhances the newspaper experience for kids, and creates new advertising opportunities in Japan.

Hot in the City - Friday Tunes

A 46C day here in Sydney has re-awakened Friday tunes for 2013. Our resident vinyl flinger Tony Dancer has carefully selected this treasure to commemorate the occasion. Nice.

Viviane Sassen

Stunning work in Viviane Sassen's portfolio, have a look at her website here.

Bad Lip Reading

Everyone has dreamed of having someone lip read for them from across a crowded party like some scene out of a James Bond film. Right? Maybe just me? With lip dubs this good I'm not even sure what what lip reader would tell you. You've got an orange peanut for me?

Trey Wright

Work by Dallas-based artist Trey Wright, one of the Hey, Hot Shot winners from 2012.

Band of the Week - Compressorhead

Shame our xmas party has just passed, we would have loved to have these guys there. They have more style and soul than most human bands.

Quick draw iPhone system

We just ordered a bulk lot of these for our accounts team...

Lord Vader is hard of hearing

This isn't the first Star Wars re-dub and won't be the last but the simple idea that Darth Vader can't hear anything with his helmet on is inspired.

Searching for Sugar Man

A great piece on the 70's musician Rodriguez, with an even better soundtrack.  For more details on the film, click here.  Thanks for sharing, Justin.

Florentijn Hofman

Last week Monkey Towers had a very special visitor.  The talented Florentijn Hofman came by to share his ambitious projects before the opening ceremony of his Rubber Duck project at the Sydney Festival.  A big thank you to Florentijn for sparing a few minutes to inspire us on a sunny Friday afternoon.