Biting Elbows - 'Bad Motherf*&ker'

Epic first person shooter style music video for Russian thrash band Biting Elbows' new tune 'Bad Motherf*&ker'. With action more engaging than most current hollywood films, director (and band frontman) Ilya Naishullergood proves good direction and a fun idea can win over production values. Watch at your own peril, not for weak ears, eyes or stomachs.

Gabriele Galimberti

From photographer Gabriele Galimberti's series Toy Story, where she photographs kids around the world surrounded by their favorite toys.  Have a look at the project here, or click here to visit her site.

Tune for Tuesday

If it was 1994, teenage me would have this one up to 11 and driving my parents up the wall. San Diego natives Wavves are back with the first single off their upcoming album  Afraid Of Heights. Lord of the Flies meets the scrapheap from Directors Black//Doctor.

Michael Crichton

Raining donuts for a rainy Friday.  More work from Michael Crichton here.

Ignacio Torres

Digging the imagery from Ingacio Torres' project Stellar.  More of Ignacio's work here.

Raul Urias

A really great collection of illustrations from a young artist out of Mexico, click through to have a look at more more by Raul Urias.