Cosplay Piano

Well I know at least one little Monkey who is going to be very excited about Episode 2 of Cosplay Piano.  Besides me.

Tokyo City Symphony

Cool interactive symphony of Tokyo, click here to have a play on the website.  (Thanks Bethany!)

Stephanie Gonot

Digging Stephanie Gonot's work, especially her food photography.

Before There Was Punk There Was a Band Called Death

An awesome doco for the music nerds. Death was a protopunk band formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1971 by the Hackney brothers. Their sound pre-dated all other famous punk bands and their music was only recently re-discovered.

Jess Bonham

Some cool stuff from photographer Jess Bonham.

Major League Combat

I'm just so very, very happy this is real.  Thanks Jez Bradley A.

Big Data

Quite an interesting documentary on Big Data from the BBC, and both its application in day-to-day life as well as how it's used in advertising.

Nico Krijno

Work by South African photographer Nico Krijno, from his website.

Riding Tall

Forget your fixey, tall bikes are the new stupid.
Thanks Tom H.

Hallway Swimming

The Harlem shake is so 3 weeks ago, all the cool kids are now Hallway Swimming apparently.
Thanks Mr. Dave L.

Alexander Shields + William Eckersley

Images from their American travelogue U.S. 80, more to see at this link.

Someone I Know

The website Someone I Know curates images photographers have taken of their friends and family.  Beautiful and intimate collection, have a look here.


From the project Myth of the Flat Earth by Clang.  More at this link.


I'm just back from Tokyo, and I was lucky to have a look at the JR exhibit at the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art; I've previously posted about his Inside Out project, very cool to see more of the work and get my own Inside Out photo.

I also snapped these pics of some cool street art I found, turns out they're both by the same person, an artist named Dolk.  Click here to have a look at more work.

Meghan Petersen photography

If the name above seems familiar that's because it's our very own 'Meghan P.' - Art buyer extraordinaire, curator and barrel contributor. As if that didn't make her awesome enough, Meghan now has a shiny new site for her photography too. Check it.

The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting : Amish IT

Our mates over at Jungleboys have a new sketch show starting tonight on ABC (9PM) and ABC iView. Here's an excellent sample of the chuckles and guffaws to come.