Sofles - Limitless

If OKGo did graffiti it would end up something like this.

Franco & Rogen do Kanye & Kim

Saucy Seth and James action in Bound 3.
The side by side comparison is actually funnier I think?

The Mystery of Flying Kicks

Once and for all an international, in depth look at where those sneakers on powerlines come from.

Take My Picture

A short doco about the rise of fashion bloggers and street style stars.

Interactive Dylan

Really fun interactive video for Bob Dylan's song 'Like a rolling stone' that uses a virtual TV where the people on all the channels are miming the song. Even Drew Carey and the guys from Pawn Stars get a look in with the classic rock channel being Dylan himself of course. Check it out here.

Cosmic Psychos - Blokes You Can Trust

A nice looking doco made by Matt Weston about Australian punk band the Cosmic Psychos. A great story about normal blokes with some hard hitters as cameos.

Bula Quo

Close your eyes and imagine 70's rock band Status Quo in a film about a gang murder in Fiji, hell even throw in Jon Lovitz in a support role. Now open them and press play.

Wes Anderson X Prada

Wes pulls out all his best centre framing and camera dolly moves for Prada.

Michael Grudziecki's 'Sea Forts'

Polish artist Grudziecki's large and smaller scale works inspired by the maunsell sea forts

Late For Meeting - Short Film

A few years ago digital animator David Lewandowski made a film based on a glitch. Here's the delightful follow up.

The Rip-Hoff

Ever wonder what it would be like if the Hoff sang the theme tune to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Me either, but here it is anyway.