The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Trifecta of amazing David Cross, Will Arnett and Spike Jonze come together for this new UK Channel 4 pilot 'The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret'.
Scotty D.


Cinco design collective from Buenos Aires did this clip for the latest Vertical Montanas track.
Scotty D.


New clip from french artist Sliimy. C'est heaps bon.
Tom H.

It Might Get Loud

Page, White and The Edge all in one room. Enough said.
Scotty D.

It's Alive!

For those of you following the saga of the straw, you will be pleased to know it is now safe and in place just around from the icebergs at Bondi. The straw is Simone Brandse and Justin Drape's entry to this years sculpture by the sea. Congratulations guys! More pics to come.

A new animation by Korean artists Sticky Monster Lab. We like.
Matt S

Royal de Luxe giant puppets

French cult contemporary street theater company "Royal de Luxe" interpret Jonathan Swift's classic tale "Gulliver's Travels" for Berlin's annual unification celebration.
Nick M.


Once again proving a good idea is more important than a big budget. Sam Rockwell gives an amazing performance in this 2001-esque sci-fi thriller. Go check it in cinemas now.
Scotty D.

The Future of Aussie Rock

Remember rocking out with a tennis racket when you were 15? Powerage, a new young band from Newcastle, are doing it for real. Watch out for these guys.
Scotty D.


The creepiest thing in advertising since those Zoo York roaches.
Scotty D.

Chris Searl

Fully top bloke Chris Searl (AKA Hollywood) of Monster Children fame talks about his photography and what a portrait means to him.
Scotty D.

SWEATSHOPPE, 4spots, the landing extras from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

Grafitti light painting is nothing new, graffiti research lab have been rocking it for years. This concept by Sweat Shoppe adds a new dimension in the shape of an illuminated LED paint roller.
Scotty D.

Visual Acoustics - The modernism of Julius Shulman

Visual Acoustics follows the life and times of Julius Shulman, widely regarded as the world's most influential architectural photographer. Narrated by Dustin Hoffman and directed by Eric Bricker, check out more about the film here.
Scotty D.

The fun theory - Piano stairs is based on the idea of using fun to change peoples behaviour. In this case getting people to take the stairs rather than the escalator.

Downhill Tetris

A viral promotion for Freebord, a new kind of skateboard that is as close to snowboarding as you will get on concrete.
Scotty D.

Kristian Hammerstad

Oslo based illustrator Kristian Hammerstad is getting a bit of attention recently. Check out more of his Pulp/rock drawing and typography here.
Scotty D.


The latest from Joe and Anthony Russo (Directors of Arrested development). Enough said.
Scotty D.

In Bb 2.0

A musical collaboration using youtube video’s as it’s platform, you can play the video’s simultaneously or in any order to compose your own soundtrack. Great stuff! To try it out go here.
Word D.

New Canon 7D

Check out this short "Dublin's People" shot by Filmmaker Philip Bloom on the new Canon 7D DSLR.
James K

George Rousse

Amazing installation photography by George Rousse. I wish I had the time and 200 volunteers to help me out. To see more of his work, visit him here.
Word D.

Ben Frost secret show

Ben Frost is an Australian artist who is now killing it all over world. Nice bloke too. Chances are you have seen his Pop mash ups before. He is having a secret show of 10 new works:
BRENDA MAY GALLERY, 2 DANKS STREET, WATERLOO. WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd - ONE NIGHT ONLY. Cameras will be filming at the art event for the purposes of a new Channel 9 series...check it before they wreck it. See more of his work here.
Scotty D.

Seigfried Opera

This is the only opera that I will ever be interested in seeing. The projections and post production is amazing. Word D.

This is Japan!

This video has been around for a while. It's a collage of photo's that Eric Testroete put together of his trip to Japan set to 'All My Friends' by LCD Soundsystem. Word D.

The Profiler

The Profiler is a Facebook based campaign for Belgacom. You can browse through papervision style visuals, typical for you or your friends since they are based on profile keywords. Love the idea and execution, but the results are not that exciting.

The Country & Western Alphabet

My good friend Paul McNeil is launching his latest kids book 'The Country & Western alphabet'. You May have seen 'M is for Metal' or 'Never Mind Your Ps and Qs Heres the Punk Alphabet' the other two books in the series. These launches are always fun. Check it before they wreck it, Thursday, 27 August 2009, 17:00 - 20:00 MONSTER CHILDREN GALLERY, 20 Burton St, Darlinghurst.

Scotty D.

So Your Cat Wants A Massage?

Yes this is real. Real scary. Remember, you can't fool drool.
Scotty D.

The Foley Fartist

Title says it all. Viral for My Sims racing.
Scotty D.

David Carson on design + discovery

I fell in love while flicking through Ray Gun and The Face in the very early 90s which was my first introduction to design, typography & photography working together. He is definitely an oldie but always a goodie. Word D.


I'm not sure if many of you have seen or heard of Electrorama which also happens to be Daft Punks first full length film they produced, directed and starred in and visually, it's one of my favourite movies.

If you haven't seen it, I urge you to do so now. Word D.

Chris Dorosz

Chris Dorosz is an artist who creates environments out of splotches of dried acrylic paints. Go here to see how he assembles his artwork at a gallery. Word D.


Buffdiss has hung up his spray cans for masking tape and it was totally worth it. He should totally tape up monkey towers.

To see more of his work go here. Word D.


An insightful documentary that exposes some of the 70,000 advertising professionals who have lost their jobs in this recession. Erik Proulx a former copywriter, follows the lives of a few creatives in the aftermath.

Word D.

Where the Wild Things Are

New full length extended trailer of Where the Wild Things Are.

Word D.

Matt H

Emma van Leest

Emma van Leest creates beautiful and intricate paper art. To see more of her incredibly detailed work, gohere. Word D.

Do the white thing

Checked out this AWESOME gallery on the weekend.

It's full of rad contemporary Chinese art like these giant neon panties.

Oh, it's FREE too. Highly recommended.


Miike Snow - Animal

This video clip is awesome because all the images that are composed are projcted from.. projectors. Word D.


a couple of my best mates are in a group called apsci and they made this stop motion video while they were traveling/touring, all on their iPhone. it just shows that a big budget/production isn't everything, pretty clever & talented kids.

if you want to know more go here.

word. D.


If you only see one genius, magical film for adults and kids by Hayao Miyazaki this year make it this one...

or any of his others.


Those clever bastards are at it again...

Ahh those clever Coens. Awesome trailer that for mine is almost a short film in its own right. Great use of looped audio. Can't wait for the big screen.
Scotty D.



Nike + Paul Rodriguez

Nike has teamed up with Paul Rodriquez to make limited edition skate shoes and skateboards. What I love about this is that it's not your usual fast paced, quick editing skate video where you only get short glimpse's of the location. It's beautifully executed with long pans of LA in the summertime plus there's a guest appearance of cube at the end. What more could you want? Actually an ice cream will do for me right now.. Word. D.


This is a really great interview with D*Face who is an amazing street artist in London. He is well known for his character styles which is influenced by 80’s-era punk rock, skateboard graphics. His comments mostly on consumerism, media and the public's fascination with fame. Word. D.

Chris Buck

Chris Buck is a really clever photographer, specialising mostly in portraiture photography. He has a very distinct style and I was lucky enough to have met him in New York. To see more of his stuff, go here. Word. D.

Sticky Light

Sticky Light is a project by Alvaro Cassinelli, Kuribara Yusaku and Stephane Perrin of the Department of Information Physics and Computing at the Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory of the university of Tokyo. The light can track contours of objects thus looking like it's 'playing' with you. Pretty cool stuff.

Word. D.

How to make an entrance


Mad Men yourself

Get your bourbon and cigarettes ready, the new season of MAD MEN is starting next month. To get you in the mood AMC have created a Mad Men yourself app. Not a new idea but kinda fun if you are a fan of the show.
Scotty D.

Jeff Scher animations

Two beautiful animations by New Yorker Jeff Scher. The first from 2009 and the second from 1992. An amazing mix of illustraion, watercolour and collage makes for some of the most interesting animation I have seen in ages.
Scotty D.

iQ Agility Font

Conceptual typography at it's finest. The Belgian advertising agency Happiness Brussels asked pleaseletmedesign to create a typeface with a Toyota iQ. They collaborated with Stef van Campenhoudt, a pro race pilot, who had to drive all the characters with an actual iQ. Custom software tracked the movements of the car and translated them into single characters. You can download the font for free here.
Scotty D.

New York Subway: Augmented Reality iPhone App

Acrossair are launching what might be the first Augmented Reality iPhone App. Called Nearest Tube, the iPhone app for 3GS uses the inbuilt GPS + Compass to bring an augmented reality experience to your iPhone to help you find the closest subway station entrance! It works when held flat by showing you lines and directions to the nearest station or hold up at chest height and watch it put live markers in-front of you to follow! Very cool.


One for the Fangbangers

If you haven't seen this title sequence for the HBO series 'True Blood', it is nothing short of visually arresting. Found a nice article here that explains how it was created. An amazing process right down to creating custom fonts in different weights especially for the sequence. Not surprising to find out that it's Digital Kitchen that created these, the same studio responsible for the awesome 'Dexter' title sequence plus many others.
Scotty D.

The anti-pop

Scotty D.

TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball

Put your thick rimmed glasses and pocket protector on for this one...
The story of the rise and fall of Williams, the worlds biggest pinball manufacturer. This documentary chronicles Pinball's entry and exit from the marketplace, perhaps forever.
Scotty D.

No time like...

The latest offering from artist and surf filmaker Thomas Campbell. 'The Present' continues to express his support for the growing “ride anything” movement in surf culture. If you loved 'Seed' and 'Sprout' check this out.
Scotty D.

Join the Autobots

awesome augmented reality promo site for the new transformers movie, no print out required! Become an Autobot here
Scotty D.

Pieter Hugo: Nollywood exhibition at ACP

The Nigerian film industry is the third largest film industry in the world, releasing between 500 and 1000 movies every year. For this series of portraits, Pieter Hugo collaborated with Nollywood actors to recreate the stereotypical scenarios that characterise their productions. Find out more here

Real world photoshop

Fan-Made Videos...

...are normally balls. But here's a couple that kick me square in the balls.

Probably doesn't hurt that the tracks are stone-cold classics (movies too). Apologies if it's not your thing, but this shit just makes me happy. Jed

Red Fang kicking ass

Love this film clip. Cheap and nasty.


Banksy Versus Bristol Museum

This is the first show Banksy's ever done where taxpayers’ money is being used to hang his pictures up rather than scrape them off.
Scotty D.

Get your basketball on

Motivize, Pulverize, Realize.
Scotty D.

One Night In Beijing

Shot on a Canon EOS5DmkII DSLR camera with Nikon and Zeiss lenses.
The future is here.
Scotty D.

Dina Goldstein “fairy tale characters in modern day scenarios”

These works place Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. Check out the whole series here

Hammer time.

Clocked this on the way to work today.
Reckon this guy wishes he was in another industry....

Stereo. Type.

Some really great physical typographic work by Ebon Heath.
You can find him here for more.
Word. D.


Really great Pecha Kucha presentation by booooooom!'s creator, Jeff Hamada. He started it a little over a year ago and has already had over 140,000 page views!
Word. D.

Remix selectah!

Cold War Kids have an interactive video, explore, re-create and enjoy..
Word. D.
.. and the 'real' video..

CWK - I've seen enough from Ivan Stojanovic on Vimeo.

Toys, toys, toys, toys..

Brian McCarty who has a very different way of shooting toys.. pretty awesome!
and his website
Word. D.

Benedict Radcliffe is Rad

Check out "Lambo! 2", a recent work by UK artist Benedict Radcliffe. His 1:1 scale wireframes are amazing. An artist to keep an eye on for sure. Check all his work out here
Scotty D.

Sorry I'm late

A bit of this technique around at the moment, I love it. This is a particularly well executed little short.
Scotty D.

David Lynch’s Interview Project

David Lynch went on a 20,000 mile road trip throughout the United States and did a bunch of interviews with random strangers. Kinda like This American Life. The whole thing launches on June 1st, check out more here.
Scotty D.

Improv everywhere

The guys that did human mirror and the big freeze have a new book out. Check it here. Check out their other stunts here

William Tom

Tom nails a "William Tell" on the monkeys dart board.
Scotty D.

Laneway Gallery in Newtown just off Australia Street

Monster Children Gallery and Asahi present ROKU

ROKU features a hand picked group of artists from Australia, Canada, Germany and the US - Alex Kopps, Andrew Pommier, Stefan Marx, Jonathan Zawada, Luca Ionescu and Beci Orpin.
Each artist will show four original works inspired by Japanese culture, one of which has been applied to an outstanding, limited edition series of 6 collectable Asahi frosted glasses.
Check it before they wreck it
Scotty D.

Reggie Watts rules

Popcast from Reggie Watts on Vimeo.

One man and a digital sampler....inspired
Scotty D.

Warhol does Debbie

Andy Warhols first digital portrait of Debbie Harry on an Amiga.
Scotty D.

The (other) Britain

A brilliant website to promote Britain abroad and drive floods of tourists to the island.

Two of my very good buds made this ad just recently in London...and I am a tad proud of ‘em