Boardwalk Empire

A new HBO show about booze directed by Scorsese, starring Buscemi and written by Terrence Winter (Sopranos)? Yes please.

New Coen brothers

Teaser trailer for the Coen brothers upcoming release 'True Grit is Pure'.

Mallory's clothes

I wonder if the inventors of the internet ever conceived it would be used for this? Mallory's Clothes. A comprehensive rundown, in chronological order, of Mallory Keaton's outfits from the series Family Ties (1982-1989)

Flash on the beach

Titles created by Superfad for this years 'Flash on the beach'

S#*t My Dad Says

A preview of the TV show based on the the twitter feed of the same name - with a side serving of cheese it seems. Beam me up Scotty.

Get money with a mouse...

This is currently on repeat cranked to 11 in the monkeys studio.

The Meet Eater

A real plant that is fed by social media interaction. Every time someone becomes a fan on it's facebook page it gets watered. Go feed it now, you know you want to.

Winnebago Man

A great documentary that follows the search for one of the Internets original superstars, the Winnebago man, Jack Rebney.

Bubble Jet Printer?

I'm Still Here

The Prankumentary directed by Ben Affleck that Joaquin Phoenix ended up looking like a homeless man for.

Le ├ętait une fois

Beautiful promotional video for French Illustrator Benjamin Lacombe's latest pop up book 'Le ├ętait une fois'.

Augmented hyper reality 3D

Flaming skateboards

Skateboards and fire are a popular theme of late and in true Lakai style they take it a bit further. Directed by Ty Evans, produced by Spike Jonze...of course.