A Moody Christmas

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the first few eps of this awesome new show by our mates over at Jungleboys. Watch it tonight on ABC 1, 8.30pm, it's funny as hell.

Robyn Twomey

Robyn Twomey's portraits of retired Playboy models are worth a look.  More here.

Thomas Prior

Thomas Prior's ongoing project is full of guns, explosions, low-flying planes, and sandstorms.  To see more, click here.

Vengeance Rhythm

New video for Two Fingers song 'Vengeance Rhythm'. DO NOT watch around kids unless you want to scar them for life.
Thanks Kyla E.

Ai Weiwei Style

Artist, political critic, and activist Ai Weiwei is also very, very funny.

Sakir Gokcebag food photos

Some nice geometric food photos by Turkish artist Sakir Gokcebag turned into gifs. More still versions here.

Lise Sarfati

From the series Austin, Texas, by photographer Lise Sarfati.

Arrested Development Documentary

Five years ago two fans set out to make the ultimate Arrested Development doco. It looks set to release soon to coincide with the filming of the highly anticipated fourth season.

Happy Friday

Big staff day today at the monkeys with a lazy lawn bowls afternoon. We are as psyched as this guy.

Jason Hanasik

Images from the series He Opened Up Somewhere Along the Eastern Shore.  Also worth having a look at Jason's other series on the masculine stereotypes associated with being a soldier; I slowly watched him disappear.

Average Homeboy

If only the whole world were as honest as Mr Denny ‘Blazin’ Hazen a.k.a the Average Homeboy. This video was sent to MTV in the late 80's. I'm tipping Jon Lajoie has studied this very closely.

TEEN Electric

TEEN's new video for their song "Electric," is so hip it's over itself. Directed by Sam Fleischner & Megha Barnabas.

Christian Stoll photography

Epic sci-fi like photos by corporate photographer Christian Stoll reminiscent of Kubrick's 2001. Check out more of his handiwork here.
Thanks Thea C.

Ben Roberts

Images from the series Chance Encounters by photographer Ben Roberts.  See the series here, or have a look at Ben's website.


New track from NSW based band Fishing; video was produced, directed, and edited by the band with a bit of help from SPOD.