Every now and then a Youtube video/audio mashup comes along that's worth 4 mins of your time. This is one of them.

Life long obsession with Ralph Lauren

Some call it love. Some call it crazies. I call it dedication to a worthy cause. 

Petro travels the world spreading his love of Ralph. It's a beautifully bizzare exploration of the world where riches and fame can get you anything and anywhere - it's wonderful and mesmerising.

My survival package has turned up today and it looks like this (batman and sunnies not included):

You can buy his stuff here:

Productive at all hours

Mesmerised. Hypnotized. And happy for hours on end.

Silicon Valley

Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead, Office Space) has a new series coming to HBO based around Silicon Valley startup companies. Great Trailer.

Submerged Turntable

Beautiful submerged turntable art installation by artist Evan Holm.


There aren't many types of Zombies left for Hollywood to discover so it makes sense they have turned to creative word play as a source of inspiration.

Trend Generator

Are you a hipster in need of a hipster poster for your ultra cool hipster event? The Trend Generator iPhone app will have you finished and sipping soy lattes in a converted warehouse in no time.

Russian Police Get Lucky

The Russian authorities might be struggling with the winter games in Sochi at the moment but their Police choir can sing the hell out of a Daft Punk song. Thanks Barb.

Flexible Paper Sculptures

If you're in New York go check out these amazing flexible paper sculptures at Klein Sun Gallery by artist Li Hongbo.