Mad Max 4 First Trailer

The first look at Mad Max 4 Fury Road looks pretty damned epic.


As we wait in the Sydney for Summer to return, we can still dream of the Summery deliciousness that is Creamlapse.

Weird Al - Word Crimes

Day two in Weird Al's #8videosin8days brings the beautifully animated 'Word Crimes'.

She's Bad

New clip from wunderkind French producer Juan de Guillebon, AKA Dye. NSFW if extremely suggestive silhouettes offend.

Weird Al Returns

Any child of the 80's has fond memories Weird Al Yankovic. He cracked the simple but effective formula of putting funny words to songs everyone already new. This cameo studded offering is the first in a series of 8 videos to be released in the next 8 days. Welcome back to our hearts Al.

Look mum, no hands.

If everyone put their pants on like this, the world would surely be a better place.


Gloryhammer. The answer to the question "What do you get if a bunch of World of Warcraft players start a metal band".